Investment Boom in October

Make way for investments! Once again, Bondora investments jumped significantly higher. After hitting over €12 million in September, Bondora investment topped €18 million in October, coming to €18,125,134. This was a 49.1% growth rate month-over-month. It’s also the highest rate we’ve seen for the whole year.

Investments boomed in October on Bondora.
Investments boomed in October on Bondora.

All four product categories were significant higher:

  • Portfolio Manager: +36.3%
  • Portfolio Pro: +53.1%
  • Go & Grow: +49.9%
  • API: +154.7%
Investment by product – October 2021
Investment by product – October 2021

Investment by product

The product categories held similar ratios of all Bondora investments this month. At 90%, Go & Grow continues its run as the most-used product by Bondora investors. Increasing by 1% is Portfolio Manager (6%), followed by Portfolio Pro (4%), and the API (0.1%).

October investment by product
October investment by product

September investment by product
September investment by product

The benefits of Go & Grow

Of all the Bondora products, investors continue to prefer Go & Grow, and it’s no surprise why. Go & Grow is the easiest Bondora investment product for beginners. It’s an automated investment method that also allows you high liquidity. This means you can enjoy hands-off investing and quickly move your money in and out of Go & Grow. Fees are also so low — no annual management fee and a flat €1 withdrawal fee per transaction — that anyone can invest with any amount of money. With Go & Grow, investors get all these benefits with a return of up to 6.75* p.a.

Check out all of the benefits of Go & Grow here.

Bondora investments boom

It was a banner month on Bondora with over €18 million in investments flooding the platform. Go & Grow led the charge with over €16 million of investments itself, while API investments rose the most compared to last month, up by 154.7%.

Learn more about the different Bondora investment options here.

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