Investments and Originations Grow Again

After having a slow month in June, investment and loan origination figures rebounded and increased steadily by 18.7%. This brought both totals to a solid €15,333,326 in July. This is encouraging to see at the start of Q3. Read more:

Investments and originations grow again.
Investments and originations grow again.

Investment by product

Investment funding increased by 18.7%, from €12,913,190 in June to €15,333,326  in July. Interestingly enough, the largest percentage of growth came from Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Pro, and then Go & Grow:

Product funding figures:

  • Portfolio Manager          + 20.0%
  • Portfolio Pro                   + 19.0%
  • Go & Grow                      + 18.7%
  • API                                   + 0.8%

But this growth does not reflect the percentage shares of each investment product. Go & Grow had the largest share of overall funding, making up 96.9% of all investments (€14,859,190). Portfolio Manager remains the 2nd most popular product with €274,585, Portfolio Pro follows with €197,634, and the API trails with €1,917.

Investment by product – July 2022
Investment by product – July 2022

July continues on the same share distribution as June, with Go & Grow making up the bulk 97%, and the other 3 investment products each making up 1%. A total of €15,333,326 was invested.

Investment by product – July 2022
Investment by product – July 2022

Loan originations

After weakening in June, loan originations grew strongly in July, rebounding by 18.7% to €15,333,326. The average interest rate dropped from 22.3% to 21.6%. Here’s a breakdown of all the origination stats:

Country breakdown

All three markets increased, with Spain having the most noticeable growth, increasing by 75.6% to € 633,459’s worth of originated loans. We’re happy to see this rebound in the Spanish market. Spain’s share increased to 4.1%.

Finland’s growth rate was the 2nd largest, with an increase of 30.2%. Finland still has the most originations (58.1% share), totaling €8,906,144.

Estonia’s origination growth rate was the lowest, increasing by 1.5% to €5,793,723 in July. However, it has the 2nd largest share of originations (37.8%).

The average interest rate dropped from 22.3% to 21.6%, which showed slightly more fluctuation than last month’s 0.1% change. The average Spanish interest rate remained the same. But this month, Estonia and Finland both showed decreases.

Origination by country – July 2022
Origination by country – July 2022

C-rated loans remain the most prominent risk-rating in all our other loan markets. Estonia’s C-rated share decreased from 17.4% to 14.9%. In Finland, it increased from 42.4% to 43.2%. Because we only originate C-rated loans in Spain, this rating category is identical to the Spanish market’s performance. It did show promising growth from June, and we hope it continues to scale.

This month, D-rated loans in Finland continue to increase significantly, from 7.0% to 12.0%. In Estonia, the biggest change was noted in the E-rated category, which dropped from a 3.1% share to 0.6%.

Origination by rating/country – July 2022
Origination by rating/country – July 2022

Loan amounts

Once again, we see an increase in the average loan amount across all three markets. In Spain, it increased by 4.4%, in Estonia by 7.6%, and in Finland by 11.3%.

And as usual, Finland also has the highest loan amount of €3,541. This month, Spain took 2nd place from Estonia with €3,030. And Estonia now has the lowest average loan amount with €2,919.

Average loan amount – July 2022
Average loan amount – July 2022

Loan duration

Estonia still has the longest average loan duration of 58 months, with no changes. Spain and Finland’s average loan durations increased by one month to 57 months.

Loan duration – July 2022
Loan duration – July 2022

As always, 60-month loans are the most popular option for all our borrower markets. It has a steady majority in each country: Finland, 2,176; Estonia, 1,595; and Spain, 190. This month, 24-month and 48-month loans are tied in 2nd place, with Spanish-based customers opting for longer loan durations. In Estonia, the 48-month loan duration is the 2nd most chosen option. And in Finland, 24-month loan durations are the 2nd most popular.

Number of loans per loan duration – July 2022
Number of loans per loan duration – July 2022

Average age

This is quite the change. In all three markets, the average borrower is in their 40s. In Spain and Estonia, the average age increased to 40; in Finland, it remained constant at 41. Finland’s average borrowers remain the oldest by one year.

Average age – July 2022
Average age– July 2022


In July, all three markets showed slight increases in the borrower’s average net income. Estonian borrowers continue to have the lowest average monthly net income, increasing by 7.5% to €1,761. Spanish borrowers’ average income increased by 5.5% and is now €1,597 per month. Finnish borrowers have the highest average income by far, increasing by 0.9% to €2,822 per month.

Average net income – July 2022
Average net income– July 2022


As we saw in previous months, in Finland, most borrowers (52.9%) have vocational school qualifications. This category in Spain is much less populated, accounting for just 2.3%. In Estonia, 25.1% have vocational school qualifications. But, in these two markets, high school qualifications make up the majority, 47.9% and 41.5%, respectively.

Looking at the overall statistics, vocational schools make up the majority (39.1%) due to Finnish borrowers making up the largest percentage of borrowers overall.

Education – July 2022
Education – July 2022


Continuing the trend, the employment statistics remain similar. 39.2% of borrowers (up from 35.7%) are employed for more than 5 years. Those employed for up to 5 years account for the 2nd most significant share of all borrowers (29.3%). And retired is still the least populated segment, accounting for just 5.1% of borrowers.

Employment – July 2022
Employment– July 2022

Homeownership status

Once again, most Bondora borrowers are homeowners, accounting for 40.0%. This is mainly due to the high percentage of homeowners in Estonia (44.8%) and Finland (38.2%). Interestingly, Tenant is the most popular status in Finland (45.9%). In Spain, Homeowners make up only 18.0%, and the most popular category is tenants (29.5%).

Homeownership status – July 2022
Homeownership status – July 2022

Verification status

The overall verification rate in June was 99.3%, down 0.3% from June. This month, we only have a few unverified borrowers in Estonia and Finland. Spain is the only market with a 100% verification rating. Estonia has a 98.4% rating, and Finland has a 99.9% rating.

Verification status – July 2022
Verification status – July 2022

Investments and originations are on the rise

We’re happy to see Q3 off to a good start as origination and investment figures rebounded from their slow summer in June. Once again, most statistics remained relatively consistent, with slight variations. Most notably, the average borrower across all markets had an increase in net income and is all in their 40s. Investment funding also increased by 18.7% to €15,333,326, with Go & Grow accounting for just under €15M.

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