July 2022: Over €1M Recovered

After a slow June, our collection and recovery figures rebounded as anticipated. The number of recovered loans, as well as the total cash recovered, increased. The total recovered cash also climbed to exceed €1 million once again! Read more:

July 2022: Over €1M Recovered
July 2022: Over €1M Recovered

The count of loans grew by 0.5% to 79,395 loans in July. And the cash total was €1,055,453. This is a growth rate of 29.4%, which is in stark contrast to the 63.0% decline we saw in June.

The distribution of loans recovered across the various markets remained very similar to last month. The most loans were collected once again from Estonia (45.2%), followed by Finland (32.8%) and Spain (22.0%). Estonia increased by 0.9%, Finland by 0.7%, and Spain was the only market to decrease by 0.5%.

Loan recoveries across the various stages remain consistent with past statistics, with the Bailiff phase retaining the largest portion. A total of 32,715 loans, which is a majority of 41.2%, were recovered during this phase. The Default & Court phase had 20,390 recoveries—increasing its standing to a 25.7% share. In-house collections decreased by 3.2% to 18,328 recoveries—now garnering a share of 23.1%.

Recoveries by the count of loans – July 2022
Recoveries by the count of loans – July 2022 (Click to enlarge)

Cash recoveries

This month, Estonia and Finland swapped places, with the majority recovered from Finland (a 52.4% share). Estonia has a 41.4% total share, and Spain brings up the rear with a 6.1% share. Spain is the only country to decrease its cash recoveries (-1.4%). Finland had the best growth, ascending by 57.7%, and Estonia showed stable growth with a 9.5% increase.

Looking at the different stages of collections, there was growth for all. In-house collections improved with €1,731 collected, which is a 0.2% share. Rare cases had a 3.8% share, accounting for €39,777. The Default and Court stage had a 9.9% share, equalling €104,858. And the Bailiff stage recovered the most cash (€909,086), equaling 86.1% share.

Recoveries by cash flow – July 2022
Recoveries by cash flow – July 2022 (Click to enlarge)

Yearly recovery rate

At the start of Q3, our 2022 recovery rate is 88.1%, down from 91.7% in July. This recovery rate is still performing very well, considering we are in Q3. By comparison, in July 2021, our yearly recovery rate was 42.2%—less than half of what it is currently.

This month, 2014-2018, all showed slight increases, and 2019-2022 dipped slightly, with the current year falling the most. Overall, this gives us an increase of 5 out of 9 years. 2017 still has the lowest rate, despite a slight 0.1 increase to 30.8%. And 2021 remains the completed year with the highest recovery rate (69.2%). Although, we can start to speculate that 2022 would have a higher rating once completed.

The 2014-2022 recovery rate remains solid at 50.1%.

Recovery rate – July 2022
Recovery rate – July 2022 (Click to enlarge)

Recoveries by country

Estonia furthered its lead, increasing from 101.4% to 107.3% in July. For 2022, Spain is still in 2nd place with 73.4%, despite dropping from 97.0%. Finland follows in 3rd place, dropping from a 75.1% recovery rating to 60.0%.

As was the case in previous months, Estonia retains the lead for the other years before 2022. The years before 2022 remain consistent with previous months, with Estonian recoveries continuing to lead from 2014-2022. 2021 still has the highest recovery rating, with Estonia clocking in at 108.9%.

Recovery rate by country – July 2022
Recovery rate by country – July 2022 (Click to enlarge)


Estonia continues to lead all our yearly recovery rates from 2014 to 2022, with the current year performing at 107.3%. The overall recovery rate for all markets in 2022 is currently 88.1%. Once again, cash recoveries increased by 29.4% to more than €1M, echoing the uptick in activity across Bondora in July. The number of missed payments collected also increased to 79,395 loans from June. And the cash total was €1,055,453.

You can always view missed payment recoveries and all other Bondora data. Check out our real-time statistics to see recovery data on all Bondora missed payments and loan history, returns data, etc.

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