Loan funding per channel for December 2016

In December, the most used investment channel by far was the Portfolio Manager which represented 94.36% of funding. The API channel represented just 5.64% of funding for the month. This illustrates a greater use of the automatic investment tool compared to last month (92.7%).

Loan funding per investment channel December 2016

This data illustrates a popular preference for an automated solution. In contrast, the API channel is more appropriate for investors interested in funding loans through a more analytic and customized approach. Unlike other marketplace lenders we offer complete transparency and the API channel is an example of this characteristic. Users can examine more loan attributes to better gauge the risk/reward profile of a given investment.

Previously we have discussed how and why higher risk loans can appear in a “conservative” Portfolio Manager setting. Reaching a target return occasionally requires supplementing a portfolio with higher risk and thus higher return loans. Investors wishing to exert more control over this possibility may want to choose the Bondora API. However, this option requires more time and oversight on the part of the investor.

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