Loan funding per channel for October 2016

October marks the final month for manual investing within the Bondora platform. We discontinued this feature on November 1st of this year. The loan funding per channel represents the final movement of investors to the more popular Portfolio Manager option.

Throughout October 86% of investments flowed through the Portfolio Manager. Manual investing represented only 8% of loan funding activity. The API platform represented just 6%.


The automation of the Portfolio Manager tool continues to make it a favorite with investors. Those interested in taking a more active approach while seeking stronger returns may choose to explore the Secondary Market. On Friday of last week we shared some ideas on how to leverage the filtering option to find opportunities.

While the Portfolio Manager can be initiated in minutes Bondora offers opportunities for investors to closely manage their risk. Remember that the “Investments” page hosts 30 different search attributes for the detailed investor combing through their holdings. This is important because even those choosing a “Conservative” level of risk may have some HR rated loans in their portfolio. These higher risk loans are occasionally necessary for reaching a desired return.

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