Tallinn startups, 5 years of investing with Bondora and interview with our CEO

Bondora in the news

Silicon Republic wrote a great piece on the 12 terrific Tallinn start-ups to watch in 2018. They say ‘In many ways, Tallinn is one of Europe’s foremost digital cities and a natural home for tech entrepreneurs with flare and ambition’.


P2P-Banking.com covered their experience with Bondora after 5 years of investing, including the current distribution of investments by country loan rating and some stats on performance.


Crowdfunding interviewed Bondora’s CEO & Founder Pärtel Tomberg, covering how peer to peer lending works and why it is especially appealing to the Italian market.

November 2017 industry news recap

The Telegraph published a heavily UK-focused article on peer to peer lending, quoting the status of Zopa & Ratesetter.


The Financial Times discussed the launch of the new peer-to-peer ISA in the UK, which is a type of tax free savings account approved by the government. This will allow UK customers to invest a certain amount of savings per annum through innovative p2p platforms.


Business Insider reported a 43% year-over-year growth in the UK’s alternative finance market, changing from £3.2B in 2016 to £4.58B in 2017.


Forbes reported that Nordea, one of the largest banks in Scandinavia, is setting up its own Fintech Startup Fund. Nordea’s Chief Digital Office states “We’re recognizing that we don’t have the monopoly on good ideas, and sometimes others do”.

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