Monthly origination summary for November 2016

The loan origination totals for November were excellent at Bondora. Originations marked a new record for us with € 3,338,570 of loans originated. The previous record was €2,782,475 in August of 2016. In comparison to October 2016 our originations have increased by 36%. Below we’ve listed the detail of originations by country and rating for the entirety of November 2016.

Loan origination by country

Estonia leads with just over half of the total originations at 51.06%. Spain and Finland catty 17.76% and 31.18% respectively. This marks a shift from last month where Estonia represented 63%. This month Estonia’s originations decreased while Finland increased. Spain remains largely unchanged since last month.

Share by country – November 2016
Country Interest Amount Share
ESTONIA 22,32% 1704825 51,06%
SPAIN 105,56% 592795 17,76%
FINLAND 46,46% 1040950 31,18%

Loan origination by rating

While each country experienced an increase in originations over October Finland saw the most dramatic change. Finland’s October origination was €499,185 while November totaled €1,040,950 representing a 108% increase in just one month.

  • The single largest origination share was the HR rated loans in the Spanish market at 14.97%. Only E, F and HR ratings are available in this market. Therefore, the higher concentration in HR originations might represent a bigger draw to high-interest loans given that there is a significant risk profile among all three ratings. 84% of the originations occurring in Spain this month were concentrated in the HR rating.
  • Estonia continues to draw the heavy originations at the C, D and E level all of which offer higher interest rates. Interestingly, these same three ratings each offer even higher interest rates in the Finnish market. However, in Finland C, D and E rated loans only total 14.09% of the total originations. This is less than half the total of C, D and E originations in Estonia.
  • The stronger ratings of AA, A and B available only in Estonia, still do not attract many originations. Though these ratings are not seen in either the Spain or Finland market our investors continue to be attracted to lower rated (higher interest) loans in all three countries.
Share by country and rating – November 2016
Rating Interest Amount Share Interest Amount Share Interest Amount Share
AA 10,25% 31200 0,93%
A 11,54% 101745 3,05%
B 14,83% 312905 9,37%
C 19,70% 468220 14,02% 22,79% 62990 1,89%
D 25,07% 373665 11,19% 31,41% 178705 5,35%
E 30.08% 336545 10,08% 37,33% 13600 0,41% 38,55% 228645 6,85%
F 36,49% 80545 2,41% 41,53% 79550 2,38% 53,59% 318175 9,53%
HR 117,61% 499645 14,97% 85,49% 252435 7,56%
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