Nearing €8M – Record-Originations for Bondora in November

Heading into the holiday season, Bondora is still making waves with rising loan originations. In November, Bondora issued €7,894,070 in new loans, slightly eclipsing the record set for originations in the previous month of €7,802,163.

EUR amount table - November 2018

Go & Grow Continues its Growth

Much like its name, Go & Grow is continuing to grow in popularity with Bondora investors, becoming the most popular investment vehicle bar none. In total, 57% of investments on the month were done through the Go & Grow portfolio product, providing investors with a more steady, stable growth rate, and with the convenience of automatic investing.

Of the total investments in Bondora loans, €4,515,455 were done via Go & Grow. This is more than a 15% increase in investment via Go & Grow compared to last month. It’s clear more and more investors are learning about Go & Grow and allocating significant portions of their investment to this offering.

October originations - Bondora

November originations - Bondora

Decline in Other Portfolio Options

Almost all of the growth of Go & Grow came at the expense of Portfolio Manager, which continued its decline in popularity, dropping another 6% on the month to bring its total share to 21%. Portfolio Pro also dropped, but only by 1%, down to 21% with almost identical origination totals as Portfolio Manager. Meanwhile, API investing remained steady at 1% of total investments on the Bondora platform.

Looking Toward the Holiday Season

As the holiday season rolls around, investors may be gearing up for increased spending on travel, gifts, and other holiday-related expenses. As a result, this time of year it is important to have access to money and liquidity for all investors. This makes Go & Grow a great choice for the holiday season. Because Go & Grow gives investors the option to withdraw their money much quicker than our other services, it’s a perfect option to maintain access to your cash during the festive period. As such, we expect Go & Grow to continue to increase in popularity with the coming holiday season.

If you are interested in opening a Go & Grow account, check out more information at our website here.

Investment Services for All

In the spirit of the joyous holiday season, we would like to remind everyone that at Bondora there is always a peer-to-peer lending investment service to fit your needs. Whether you are a seasoned investor, investing for the first time, or somewhere in between, Bondora has something for you.

Go & Grow – Stability and ease of use are the hallmarks of our Go & Grow service. With a 6.75%* p.a. return and a simple model with no complicated decision-making necessary, Go & Grow is so easy, anyone can use it. Tack on fast liquidity and it’s no surprise as to why Go & Grow has quickly become the most popular Bondora service.

Portfolio Manager – Portfolio Manager provides investors with a middle ground between a completely automated investment, and user-control. Users are given the opportunity to decide from a few options — such as their risk profile, maximum investment per loan, and spare cash balance — while the rest of the investing process is automated. This is a great step for investors who are interested in making some investment decisions on their own but are not yet ready to build a more customized investment profile.

Portfolio Pro – For those who like to have even more control over their investment decisions, Portfolio Pro is a great choice. Portfolio Pro users can select from a variety of filters to determine which loans fit their investment profile. Filters include: country, Bondora rating, loan duration, maximum investment per borrower, interest, and more. With a variety of filters to choose from, investors create a more customized investment strategy.

API – For maximum investment customization, customers can use our API integration to create their own investment criteria and settings, creating new and improved investment strategies. However, API use will require significant programming skills, and therefore is only used by a small percentage of Bondora customers.

*As with any investment, your capital is at risk and the investments are not guaranteed. The yield is up to 6.75%. Before deciding to invest, please review our risk statement or consult with a financial advisor if necessary.

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