What were we working on in January? New blog languages, cash flow improvements and more

1) Multilingual blog

You may have already noticed that our blog is now available in 3 languages; English, German and Estonian. This was implemented after we received feedback from our investors that they would like to read our blog in their own native language. Along with this, we are still working on converting the full functionality of our site in to 14 different languages to cater for our geographically diverse investor community.

Bondora multilingual blog

2) Improvements to the Bondora API

Last month, we told you that we were making some improvements to the Bondora API. More specifically, we have now increased the maximum results you can get with one query to 20,000 (although 10,000 will stay as the default value). We also added throttling to requests when the last request for the same user and endpoint has not yet completed. Previously, users were polling the same endpoints and the requests were piled up even in the instance that the last request had not finished, which created an unnecessary load and made the overall API experience slower.

Going forward, we will not add any new queries to the queue if a similar query (from the same user to the same endpoint) is already there.

3) Cash Flow Data

Over the past month, we have made some significant improvements to the cash flow data on your Bondora account. Now, all the data is pre-calculated daily and the page should quickly return monthly and daily overviews regardless of the period you choose. An intra-day view is not pre-calculated and can take more time to load opposed to looking at your portfolio from a higher overview level.

Bondora Cash flow

Please note, the data in overview and month levels are pre-calculated daily and any transactions completed today (such as new sales or purchases) are not reflected until the following day.

4) Mobile-friendly pages

The most commonly used pages including your Dashboard, Menu, Portfolio Manager, Invite Friends tab, Portfolio Pro, Withdraw and Add Funds pages are now ready for easy use on your mobile. We still have plans to perfect the view of the Statistics page and at a later date do the same with the numeric pages such as Cash Flow, Reports, Investments and the Secondary market. Now you can check your Bondora account on the go and with no hassle.

5) Still in progress

Bondora still in progressIn December, we told you that we were working on ensuring the distribution of the debt servicing costs applied to your account for collections is achieved evenly. Currently, the distribution is equal but the equality is achieved over multiple payments (by recording how ‘unfair’ the previous payment was and then correcting it the following time for the customers who received more or less). After we have completed the improvements, such fluctuations with payments will be eliminated. Also, to improve the accuracy of our cash flow forecasting tool we are increasing the precision of the ratios used and splitting overdue loans from current loans in the forecasts.

We’re still working on both of these improvements and will provide you with an update next month.

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