New Investment High for 2021

The increase in investment continues! After topping more than €18 million in October, Bondora investments reached a new 2021 high with €20,285,287 invested in November. This is an 11.9% growth rate from October. Go & Grow still has the biggest share, taking up €18,707,847 of the total investment. Read more:

New investment high for 2021 in November.
New investment high for 2021 in November.

Of all four product categories, Go & Grow was the only one to increase:

  • Go & Grow                + 14,7%
  • Portfolio Manager     – 10,9%
  • Portfolio Pro              – 16,6%
  • API                            – 43.8%
Investment by product – November 2021
Investment by product – November 2021

Investment by product

The product categories had some changes in November. Go & Grow increased its standing by 2%, now holding a 92% share of total investments. In contrast, Portfolio Manager lost

2% and Portfolio Pro lost 1%. The API remains the same, with a 0,1% share.

November investment by product
November investment by product

October investment by product
October investment by product

The Go & Grow payment limit increased to €1,000

In September 2020, we implemented a monthly payment limit for Go & Grow customers. This was done to ensure that as more and more people join Bondora, we can sustainably maintain the quality of loans in our portfolio.

We didn’t want to create a waiting list for new investors, as we wanted everyone to access our services. In the wake of the economic crisis, this limit was necessary to keep our rocket ship stable so our investors could remain protected while enjoying the benefits they know and love.

At one point, we lowered the payment limit to €400, but we increased it to €1,000 again last month! That means you can now invest up to €1,000 net into your Go & Grow account every month.

Click on this link to add money to your Go & Grow.

Bondora investments boom

November marked a new investment high for 2021, the 2nd highest in Bondora history. And with our monthly payment limit increased to €1,000, we expect this surge in investments to continue gradually. It’s likely that we’ll soon have a new record, but let’s wait and see what the last month of 2021 will bring…

Learn more about the different Bondora investment options here.

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