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Performance of recovery performance – May 16, 2017

We offered the regular review of our recovery performance which shows that the average recovery rates in Finland, Spain and Slovakia are all higher in 2016 compared to their 2015 figures. Our renewed recovery initiatives in 2016 may explain the total improved recovery averages jumping from 44% to nearly 60% from 2015 to 2016.

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Weekly industry news roundup – May 15, 2017

PR Newswire reported that P2P reporting and analytics platform dv01 has bolstered its efforts to bring transparency to the market with a new partnership with Sofi.
Forbes looked at the future of P2P lending in China where financing options are becoming accessible to more people because of FinTech.
The Economic Times explored the idea that the millennial generation is a major driver for the growth and legitimization of the marketplace lending industry.
RadioTimes looked at how interest rate cuts by The Bank of England are driving more investors to embrace peer-to-peer lending.
New York Magazine revealed interesting research from U.S. academics analyzing default rates among borrowers.

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Get a quick visual insight of your portfolio structure

We introduced investors to an easy-to-use cluster of eight pie charts offering a holistic view of their portfolio. These metrics all relate to one another by providing insight to risk exposure. We want investors to see the whole picture without losing detail as their portfolio grows.

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