October 2023: Rebound for Originations and Investments

After decreasing slightly in September, investments and originations rebounded in October. Both these statistics totaled just over €15M, with a growth rate of 4.8% from the previous month. On the other hand, cash recoveries decreased a little, totaling almost €1.6M in October. Here are more October stats:

October 2023: Rebound for originations and investments.
October 2023: Rebound for originations and investments.

602 new investors joined Bondora in October. In the same month, investors earned over €1M in returns, and the total product investment amount increased to €884M!

Loan Originations

Loan originations rebounded after their slight dip in September, increasing by 4.8%. This totaled €15,696,033 in October, compared to €14,177,543 in September.  

Once again, there was an overall decline, but Finland managed to show an increase. The Nordic market’s originations grew by 20.7%. This totaled €12,146,156 in Finnish loan originations alone.

In local Estonia, loan originations dipped by 4.5%, totaling €2,247,956.

Due to internal changes to ensure sustainable growth, the Dutch market received a lower origination total of €1,261,208. After showing incredible growth, we’ve scaled back slightly to ensure that borrowers from this relatively new market remain of the highest quality.

Our existing customers were the driving force behind the €40,713 loan originations from Spain in October. The Spanish market remains temporarily closed to new customer originations as we monitor data to change our internal risk-scoring models. In mid-October, we also temporarily closed loan originations to existing customers. This remains a temporary measure, and we will continue further research and analysis. We do this to ensure the best possible quality for our loan portfolio, which means a better investment experience for you.

Finnish loans, once again, have the majority, with a dominant 77.4% share. Estonia reclaims the second-largest share, with 14.3%. The Netherlands follows in third place with 8.0% and Spain with 0.3%.

The average loan interest rate dropped from 19.6% to 19.0%.

Loan risk ratings and split per country

Below, you can view the different loan risk ratings and their percentage split across countries of the general loan portfolio. You can easily compare the changes between September and October:

Origination shares by rating/country – October 2023
Origination shares by rating/country – October 2023
Origination shares by rating/country – September 2023
Origination shares by rating/country – September 2023

For more in-depth statistics, you’re welcome to view them on our general statistics page for daily updated figures.

Investment product funding

Recovering from a slight dip in September, we saw an investment product funding increase of 4.8% in October. This brought the total funding into investment products to €15,696,033.

€15,652,266 was funded to Go & Grow and €43,767 was invested using the API. That’s a 4.9% growth rate for Go & Grow and a 25.9% decrease for API investments. Below, you can see the investment funding percentage split for October.

Investment shares across Bondora products in October 2023.
Investment shares across Bondora products in October 2023.

Secondary Market

We continue to see the up-down trend that’s been the norm since May. After decreasing in September, the total value of transactions increased again in October. Transactions totaled €105,961 in October, climbing 14.7% from September.

This rise was mainly due to an increase in manual transactions, which increased by 29.8% and totaled €69,858. The API, however, decreased by 6.4%, totaling €36,102.

At a 65.9% share, manual transactions continue to have the biggest share. The API has a 34.1% share.

Secondary Market total transactions – October 2023
Secondary Market total transactions – October 2023

Collection and Recovery

In October, we recovered €1,679,414 across all our loan markets. This translates to an 11.6% decrease from September, but it still showcases a great effort made.

Once again, Estonia was the market with the highest cash collection, with €977,517 recovered. In Finland, cash recoveries totaled €600,151. In Spain, we recovered €101,696. This is the only market that increased in October (19.2%). In the Netherlands, we recovered €50.

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