Over €16M Invested in December

In December, we had a stable month regarding investments, despite declines from November. €16,511,772 was invested across the platform—an 18.6% drop from November. This is, however, the 3rd highest amount invested in 2021, which is a wonderful way to end the year. Read more:

Over €16M Invested in December
Over €16M Invested in December

All four product categories decreased on the month:

  • Go & Grow                     – 18.0%
  • Portfolio Manager         – 10.7%
  • Portfolio Pro                  – 34.0%
  • API                                  – 23.0%
Investment by product – December 2021
Investment by product – December 2021

Investment by product

Following in November’s footsteps, Go & Grow continued to garner a larger share, now making up 93% of all investments. It gained that extra 1% from Portfolio Manager’s 1% loss. The API and Portfolio Pro shares remain the same, with 1% and 3%, respectively.

December investment by product
December investment by product

November investment by product
November investment by product

Set your goal and reach it with Go & Grow

The start of a New Year inevitably sparks some thoughts about what you want to achieve in the year. By setting a goal on your Go & Grow account, you’re more likely to continue working to achieve that goal when the New Year’s Resolution fever wears off.

You can easily edit your Go & Grow goal. Log in and go to your chosen Go & Grow account. Click on the burger icon menu and select ‘Edit Purpose & Goal.’ Select the goal icon that best matches your personal goal. On the next page, you can use your goal-setting feature to help you determine how much money you want to accumulate and by what date. Play around with the figures until you find something that works for you. Remember, you can always change it later!

When you go to your Go & Grow account, you can easily see if you’re on track to achieve your goal.

Click on this link to add a new goal to your Go & Grow.

Bondora investments on track for 2022

Even though December investments took a slight dip, we’re still excited that November was the 2nd highest investment month in Bondora history. It is no surprise that Go & Grow remains the most popular way for our investors to manage their wealth, and we look forward to seeing the numbers in 2022.

Learn more about the different Bondora investment options here.

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