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P2P lending recovery summary – 73.6% recoveries in Spain in 2018

Welcome to our monthly blog post on the performance of our P2P lending recoveries. Below, we take a look at the percentage of principal and interest retrieved between 2014 – 2018. Why is 2017 showing the lowest recovery rate? At first glance, this may appear to show that the success of our recoveries process has…
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Bondora quick tour – p2p lending

 Click here for the German or Estonian video. If you are new to Bondora or you are just visiting and you’re trying to find your way around our website, no worries. We have prepared a quick tour guide for you. The quick tour covers different aspects of our platform such as your dashboard, the Portfolio…
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Top 10 things wealthy people do to manage their money – P2P lending

Wealth. The aspiration of many, and the true obtainment of few. Sure, billionaire-status may be unattainable for most of the world’s population (sad thought, indeed—but don’t worry, it gets better). But is it really so far-fetched to become financially independent? We think not, and we certainly wouldn’t be in the fintech—much less peer-to-peer lending (P2P…
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Scheduled maintenance – 16/10

From 03:00 – 08:00 on 16th October, our usual services will be unavailable. This is due to planned downtime while we switch to new SQL enterprise servers. Why are we doing this? Faster services and fewer disruptions. Our new enterprise servers will help us achieve a heightened level of security, scale, performance, and availability. Extra…
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1,978 loans issued in September – Find out more on our P2P blog here

Recently, we’ve released several posts that explore the origination of loans by unique data like home ownership, education, employment duration and more. This month, we’re going to do the same and compare how this has changed in comparison to the previous months. Average income, loan amount and age In September 2018, the average net income…
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We are expanding our language coverage – p2p lending

Click here for the German or Estonian video. Througout 2018, we have been working with existing Bondora investors and translation specialists to convert our website into 24 European languages. 15 of these languages are already live on the platform and there are 9 more languages to go. We will soon release this, and afterwards, you…
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€150M loans issued! Read more about the P2P lending distribution here

Welcome to the monthly origination post for the data collected in September 2018. Here, we go into detail about the distribution of P2P lending investments made and some interesting stats per country of origin. If you missed last month’s post, you can check it out here. The total amount originated on the platform in September 2018…
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How to use P2P lending to teach your kids about finance

Last month, we talked about the pros and cons of giving your children a monthly, weekly, or daily allowance. We also gave some tips on how to best structure an allowance system so it can help teach your children about finance. One of those tips was to incorporate a peer-to-peer lending (P2P lending) system within…
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Improved Bondora blog layout – p2p lending

Click here for the German or Estonian video. If you haven’t noticed, Bondora’s blog page have been redesigned to be more user-friendly. Due to the increased visit to our blog page, we have taken the initiative to rearrange the layout into sections for easy navigation. To mention a few, we now have sections for “Bondora…
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A new record for Bondora – Find out more on our Peer-to-Peer blog

Welcome to another post from our monthly peer-to-peer funding statistics series. Here, we talk about the most popular investment methods used by our customers in September and how this has changed since the previous month. The total amount originated was €5,527,855 in September, +4.7% (€245,820) compared to last month and a new record for Bondora.…
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