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Bondora is now 6! Number of investors at Bondora

On the 23rd of February Bondora officially became 6 years old! As part of the celebration, we want to share with you some of the highlights in platform statistics below:
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Improvements to the loan data verification process

This week we will change the way the loan process will work to make the process faster and easier for borrowers and also reduce the amount of time investors' funds can be reserved in investments that in the end get cancelled. What will change in the process: We will make an instant offer to borrowers…
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Introducing the Investor Dashboard

This week we are introducing an Investor Dashboard which will give you an easy at-a-glance overview of your portfolio and its performance. Each section also has a link to a more detailed report in regards to the respective data. The actionable buttons in the middle section will give you direct access to main pages on our…
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Introducing risk-based pricing

Next week we will start pricing loans automatically according to their risk-level based on the Bondora Rating calculations. This will enable to make a better offer for lower risk borrowers and charge a higher interest rate for higher risk borrowers. Bondora Rating is defined by the Expected Loss Rate E(L), which is presented in the…
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Debt collection messages and changes to interface

Changes to the interface Primary Market As of tomorrow we start showing Bondora Rating for the eligible loans on the Primary Market for informational purposes. As far as the interfaces changes are concerned, you will be able to see the following improvements: Bondora Rating, Expected Loss and Expected Return will be added to all eligible…
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Explaining Bondora Rating

Here are answers to the questions our investor community has asked about the Bondora Rating. Why switch to Bondora Rating? Why is it good for me as an investor? About Bondora Rating Bondora Rating will introduce a fair risk-based pricing model to all the loans on the platform. Until now loans have been classified not…
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Introducing the Bondora Rating

As announced in some earlier newsletters, we are going to replace the current credit groups and payment history criteria with a credit scoring model that will assess each loan application separately based on specific criteria and assign them a certain Bondora Rating accordingly. With the introduction of the new credit scoring system, every loan application…
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Lifting Secondary Market commissions on purchase price

As of today and up until the end of November we are lifting Secondary Market commission on purchase price. You can use this opportunity to build up your portfolio by purchasing loans without 1.5% commission and getting higher returns. See currently available Secondary Market offers Please remember that a small portion of loans are repaid…
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5 steps to find a suitable P2P lending platform for your investments

Choose a suitable P2P lending platform you are eligible to invest on which markets are available for investing with a specific platform Choose a suitable investment period and offered loan amount Find attractive returns on investments with a suitable P2P lending platform Snapshot of main 20 P2P lending platforms in EU and US
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Why your return rate may fluctuate

If you are a new investor on our platform and don’t have many repayments from our investments yet, you may notice that your return rate may change significantly overnight. This happens because of the way we display your return, which is an annualized figure. To calculate your annualized return rate, we account for all actual…
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