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October Cash Recoveries Data – Peer-to-Peer Lending Blog

Examining when cash is recovered via a missed loan payment is a great way to understand how effective each piece of the recovery process is in the effort to recover payments which may have otherwise been written-off. This cash recovery process is a key factor in maintaining high returns for investors. **Please note, to maintain…
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October Recovery by Process Overview – Peer-to-Peer lending Blog

When a loan payment is not made, it is up to us to take the necessary actions to increase the likelihood of recovering any missed payments. There are several methods to recovering a missed payment, and to do so, Bondora utilizes a 3-step collection recovery collection process. This process flow has been carefully designed by…
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Top tips for those new to investing and Peer-to-Peer lending

Most people never do anything with their money other than earning it, putting it into a bank account, and spending it. Perhaps you have some friends who talk about investing, but it’s always seemed a bit overwhelming or over your head. Investing may seem daunting to those without experience, but there are some options for…
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P2P lending recovery summary – 57.5% recoveries in Estonia in 2018

Welcome to our monthly blog post on the performance of our P2P lending recoveries. Below, we take a look at the percentage of principal and interest retrieved between 2014 – 2018. Why is 2017 showing the lowest recovery rate? At first glance, this may appear to show that the success of our recoveries process has…
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Go & Grow recurring deposits – p2p lending

Click here for the German or Estonian video. If you want to make automated deposits to your Go & Grow account, look no further. Click on the Go & Grow tab and then click the “Add money“ button. On the next page, choose the VISA/MasterCard option. Fill in your details and click “Make a payment…
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October Loan Origination Data – Peer-to-Peer Lending Blog

In October, Bondora spread its lending across the board to many more borrowers, providing longer-term loans of less funds to an increasing array of customers. This is a positive sign for investors who are continuing to be provided more and more offerings and a diverse number of peer-to-peer investment options across a range of risk/return…
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October Loan Originations Up 41%! – Peer-to-Peer Lending Blog

With €7,802,163 of loans originated in October, Bondora has continued its record-breaking ways. This represents a whopping €2,274,308 increase, or, 41% higher than last month! Higher loan origination has allowed Bondora to offer investors a more diverse array of loans and services across all countries. The Loan Boom in Finland While loans in each country…
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How to use P2P lending to fund your MBA

Personal finance plays an inevitable and significant role when undertaking any higher education or entrepreneurial endeavor. Not only is expense a deciding factor in choosing whether or not to even pursue an MBA/Master’s degree, but it can place many top-tier programs seemingly out of reach for many hopeful students. But while postgraduate fees and traditional…
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Another Record-Breaking Month for Bondora with €7.8M originated

September was a historic month here at Bondora, as the total amount of originated P2P loans came to a record €5,527,855 in loan originations. Yet September’s loan issuances paled in comparison to another historic rise in loan originations during the month of October. Loan originations for October totaled about €7,802,163 on 3,040 loans for an…
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Add money directly to Go & Grow – p2p lending

Click here for the German or Estonian video. Along with many cool features of Go & Grow, you can add money directly to your Go & Grow account using 5 different options. You can transfer directly from your main Bondora account or use Trustly, VISA/MasterCard, SEPA or Transferwise. To do this, simply click on the…
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