Planning for the future: Bondora focuses on sustainability

After careful consideration, we have changed the Go & Grow monthly payment limit to €400. Read more here. *Updated on 29 April 2022*

Despite the global impact of COVID-19, one thing remains certain. Everyone needs a simple and affordable way to grow their money online. With a lack of local options, investors are searching for a better solution that offers a secure future. Something that doesn’t require rocket science and comes from a trusted source. That’s why they choose Bondora.


More money, more investors

More than 130,000 investors have invested over €379M, and those numbers keep on rising. But exponential growth isn’t our priority. We’re making sure our rocket ship remains sustainable. That way, our investors remain protected while still enjoying the benefits they know and love.

That’s why today, we’re announcing a €400 limit on the amount each person can invest in their Bondora account per month. 

You can still add money to your account as often as you’d like, but only €400 per month will be invested. You might wonder, why this limitation? Will it be forever? You can find answers to all these questions right here.

Why a €400 limit is the magic number

As more and more people want to invest in Go & Grow, it’s important to ensure the quality of the underlying portfolio powering this engine. To keep up with impressive demand from our investor community, we are increasing our lending volume in a sustainable way. But that doesn’t happen overnight.

A limit of €400 per investor per month means everyone still gets a piece of the pie.

No one is excluded

You might say; ‘Why don’t you just stop new investors from signing up?’ Well, one of our core beliefs at Bondora is that everyone needs a simple way to grow their money online. And that’s exactly why we aren’t excluding any new investors from Bondora. So whether you’re brand new to Bondora, or if you’ve invested with us for years—with this adjustment, everyone will have an equal opportunity to grow their money.

Everything else is exactly the same

Besides this monthly maximum, everything else still stays the same. Your money is still just as safe and secure. You can request to withdraw your money at any time. We still offer up to 6.75% p.a.* on Go & Grow investments. You get the idea. Same rocket ship, different seats. We’re only changing one small thing so we can keep everything else the same.

What happens if you add more than €400?

If you add more than €400 per month, don’t worry! Everything over the limit will go directly into your Bondora Wallet. From there, you can choose to withdraw it, or wait for it to be invested automatically next month. The choice is yours.

For example, if you add €1,000 to your account in October, this will happen automatically:
October: €400 invested, €600 remaining in Wallet
November: €400 invested, €200 remaining in Wallet
December: €200 invested, €0 remaining in Wallet

Watch this space

Although we can’t say when the €400 maximum on investments will be lifted, we can say that any future changes we make will be for the benefit of our investors. Because in the end, that’s what drives all our decisions at Bondora. We want to give you the best experience for growing your money online.

And we know that’s why you chose Bondora. To get the best experience, and the best solution for a secure future. By focusing on being sustainable, we believe we can give everyone the opportunity to reach their financial goals.

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