Remove loans from sale when borrowers make payments

This week we introduced a new feature which allows you to remove your investments from sales when a borrower makes a payment.

One of our investors, Sebastian, reached out to us and told that sometimes the data on loan repayments is not available enough for investors to optimize their portfolios. He wanted a way to remove loans from the Secondary Market at the moment borrowers make any repayments. This option would allow him to not miss out any opportunities when the investments he on sale start reproducing payments.

A new way to auto-manage your portfolio

We thought this feature would be simple yet great improvement for portfolio optimization, so now we’ve now added this into our product. You can use this feature any time you put your investments to sale on Secondary Market.

auto-cancel loan from secondary market

On the Investments page, add investments to sales cart and press the sell button on the top. You will be prompted with a popup where you can see a checkbox called “Cancel item if payment received”. This allows for the auto-cancellation of loans for sale on the Secondary Market if they begin to receive cash flow again.

Why is this useful?

Once you activate the feature, you can be confident that you’re selling loans on the assumption of up-to-date payment information. If any payment is made, the loan will automatically be re-evaluated and cancelled from the Secondary Market sales.

What feature are you missing? Leave us a comment below.

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