Road to €100 Million invested… and counting

At Bondora we’re proud to announce that we’ve surpassed €100 million in loans funded and we’re just getting started. The milestone is important to us not simply because of the financial aspects. We’re proud that 28,850 investors have placed their trust in our marketplace lending platform. As a result, those loans have generated more than €15 million in interest payments for our investors, that’s value you can measure.

When investors join Bondora they earn more than a return on their money. They earn the satisfaction that comes with an investment that empowers people seeking to improve their life or make a dream come true. This important milestone comes at a time when we’ll soon celebrate 10 years in the world of peer-to-peer lending. We’ve worked with investors and lenders in 85 countries. We’ve reached across the globe because our interface is designed with our users in mind. We offer a level of transparency, ease of use, and engagement that few other P2P platforms do.

Road to €100 million invested on Bondora

10 years of Bondora

At Bondora, milestones have become part of our culture. In 2009, after significant beta testing we became the first lending marketplace in the Nordics. Our early success in the region allowed us to expand our presence. In 2012 we became the world’s first cross-border P2P lender as we opened our doors to investors across Europe.

As we continued the dialogue with our users we developed more ways to make marketplace investing accessible. In 2015, for example, we initiated standardized risk-based pricing which made it easy for investors to compare loans across markets. Additionally, we’ve made it simple for users to leverage granular-level information on each of the loans they’ve funded so they have full comfort in their return.

As a P2P platform, you cannot reach €100 million in investments and more than 28,000 investors without having a system that works and a company that people trust. We’d like to thank our family of users and we look forward to more milestones to come.

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