Road towards the new cash flow page

We developed the Cash Flow page with the aim to build a useful analytical tool for you. We hope that you have already played around with the functionality and it has become the go-to place for getting an overview of payments coming in and out of your portfolio – either historical, actual or future.

Listening to our investors
We decided to fill you in on the journey how our investors helped us to develop the new Cash Flow page on-the-go and what we have learned from the whole process. It all began some time ago when our investors started to give us feedback that they were dissatisfied with the functionality and with the product in general. The main issue was that the old Cash Flow didn’t offer enough choice and any further development was lacking due to our legacy technological system. We knew that we wanted to develop a fresh Cash Flow page that really fitted our investors’ needs and becomes a tool that helps them calculate their portfolios productivity and also fits for both, passive and active investors.

In addition to asking investors directly, we spent time talking to our investor support team who explained the most common questions and concerns and we also went through the “I Have a Feature Request” feedback from hundreds of investors. We understood that the way our old Cash Flow page was previously packaged did not reflect the investors’ needs:

“Every month a new statistics layout – what a mess! Could you please stay with a transparent and reliable statistics page containing useful information? Any changes are always disturbing, especially if they do not improve but worsen the content and its presentation. The most important figure for me is “Payed interest plus principal VS planned principal repayment” daily and cumulated per month.”

Delivering the functionality
Today we can say that our engineering team has fulfilled most of the investors’ wishes and executed them fast. You must have also felt it from the amount of product updates we have released during the past months. The new Cash Flow page records the movement of all your investments and shows you ingoing and outgoing payments per loan basis – all this to help you measure your portfolio’s performance as a whole.

To conclude, we highlighted 3 reasons why we at Bondora use the new Cash Flow page:

  • 1. To get a quick general overview of the portfolio from one place
  • 2. It has the possibility to build custom forecast settings
  • 3. It shows today’s and future payments at-a-glance

As always, we appreciate and welcome your feedback on this journey to transform our investing product that you love to use:

“The new cash flow page is SUPER! Good job!”

VIDEO: A guide on how to understand your cash flow basics
We know that Cash Flow analysis can also seem to be a complex process. That’s why this time we decided to guide you through our Cash Flow basics to explain a few concepts that are useful to understand. Cash flow provides an important source of data for investors and here’s our new video on how to understand the most important features in case you have 5 minutes daily to spend on your portfolio.

Here is a summary of all the Cash Flow features our engineering team has executed

  • 1. Historic and future cash flow is combined into one table
  • 2. Historic payments are split between current loans and loans in default as per the status active at the date of the payment
  • 3. Day-level data that shows cash flow categorized per each investment
  • 4. Forecast settings can be defined also for historic schedules so you can use cash flow based adjustments for predicting future payments
  • 5. You can adjust your net return calculation based on the forecast settings defined in the cash flow report
  • 6. Cash flow report will show the opening cash balance and closing cash balance for each period
  • 7. Ability to define which data series to show on the chart and in the cash flow table
  • 8. Historic planned schedules are split between current loans and loans in default
  • 9. Cash flow table results can be exported to Excel
  • 10. Account statement for the last 24 hours from Expert Center is incorporated into the cash flow report
  • 11. Ability to filter to a specific loan in the Investments list straight through the cash flow report so you can quickly take loans off Secondary Market or put them there based on the information visible in the cash flow report
  • 12. Ability to bookmark the cash flow day level view
  • 13. Day level view shows detailed information about Secondary Market purchases/sales, borrower username, investment number, country where the loan is from
  • 14. Day level view is sorted by newest payments first
  • 15. Loan number added to cash flow
  • 16. “Planned Principal” includes partial early repayments
  • 17. Settings includes “Cumulative Graph” option that shows how each period is added together incrementally and “Income Tax” option that you can include in the life time return calculation
  • 18. In the “Forecast Settings” you see the highlighted suggestions that help you choose percentages based on your historical data
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