Something(s) to Celebrate 🌟

November is known to be the gloomiest month in Estonia. But as the days became darker, we Bondorians decided to focus on the bright side. Here are some of our recent highlights and milestone moments. Take a look to see what we’re celebrating.

 It's time to celebrate all the highlights!
It’s time to celebrate all the highlights!

Over €500 million invested

We celebrated an extraordinary milestone in October: we passed the half a billion euros investment mark! We’re thrilled that more and more people are choosing Bondora to manage their wealth. Thank you to all our investors for choosing us!

We’ll continue to build the best online investment platform and set our sights on €1 billion in investments 🏆  

To achieve this next milestone, we’re expanding on all fronts. That includes new employees! Check out our careers page to find your dream job and join our team.

10K followers on Instagram

We feel so honored to have such a strong and loyal following on Instagram. Thank you for being part of our community of over 10 000 people. We will continue to inform, entertain and provide you with useful information to help you build a brighter financial future.

If you aren’t following us on Instagram yet, join our community today by clicking here.

Go & Grow Payment Limit Increased

If you haven’t heard yet, the Go & Grow payment limit has been increased to €1,000 per month.

We implemented the €400 payment limit in 2020 to maintain the quality and sustainability of our portfolio. We closely monitored the effect this had and constantly reviewed the data to give you a secure and beneficial investment experience. And so, with originations growing consistently, we could increase the Go & Grow payment limit to €1,000 in November. Happy investing!

New origination high for 2021

As mentioned in the previous highlight, our originations keep growing, and we’re thrilled about it. We’ve had consistent growth in loan originations this year, and in October, we celebrated a new high for 2021. We originated a total of €18,291,824 in loans in just one month. The relaunching of the Spanish and Finnish markets contributed to this consistent growth. We believe we’ll double this number pretty soon, so watch this space…

Boo! Halloween fun in the office

It’s no secret that Bondorians love a good social event. And to celebrate the scariest day of the year, we had a fun team event at the office to let our inner zombies come out to play!

Halloween shenanigans at the Bondora office
Halloween shenanigans at the Bondora office

Bondora Dev Team Lead in the spotlight

In this month’s Bondora Superstars blog post, we interviewed Kristo Leemets, one of our Developer Team Leads. Kristo shares his experience of working at Bondora and the most rewarding moments of his role. If you want to know more about the life of a Dev Team Lead at Bondora, then you’ve got to read this article.

Kristo Leemets –The man, the runner, the legend
Kristo Leemets –The man, the runner, the legend

And that’s it for the month! Follow us on Instagram to stay on top of all things Bondora.

Thanks for reading, keep investing, and bye for now!

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