That’s a wrap for 2021!

Another exciting year at Bondora has come to an end. It’s time to reflect on what went well, and how we can continue to make Bondora the best investment platform in Europe. But before we crunch some serious numbers, we’d like to share the fun data about what our Superstars were up to this past year. Let’s get going!

☕ More caffeine, please! There’s nothing like a cup of Joe to get the day going. Our office consumed approximately 240 kilos of coffee.

🏓 We worked hard and played harder 💪 There were over 1,000 matches of table tennis played among friends.

🎉 Our team of Superstars has been growing faster than ever. More than 50 new Bondorians joined us in the past 12 months.

We celebrated reaching 100 employees.
We celebrated reaching 100 employees.

🐕 Our Superstars weren’t the only ones eager to return to the office. We had more than 25 visits from our four-legged colleagues.

💪 The Investor Relations team was busy answering your questions and solved over 20,000 support queries.

📰 We had so much to share with you and published 450 blog posts in several languages.

What a year! And thank you for being a part of it. Stay tuned for Bondora’s year in review coming soon.

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