The top 5 questions from investors in August – Answered by Kairi

Kairi joined Bondora nearly five years ago when there were less than ten people in the company. Starting as an assistant, Kairi has worked across several departments in Bondora and as a result – knows the business today inside out. She’s now leading our Associates team and striving to give first-class customer service to our investors.

Bondora Kairi

Here are the top five questions Kairi and the team received from investors in August.

1. I am trying to make a withdrawal to my bank account, but the option is greyed out/not available. Why is that?

This can happen if you initially deposited to your Bondora account via your credit card. If this is the case, we always need to send your money (when you make a withdrawal) via the same method and for the amount originally deposited from the card. This is standard procedure for most financial companies and credit card payments.

After everything has been transferred back to the card, the bank transfer option (SEPA) will be available on your account – then you can make withdrawals to your bank account.

2. I’m using one service to invest, can I change to another one?

Sure! You can easily switch to another service at any time – or use them at the same time as well if you’d like. If you can’t see any of our other services on your main menu, please review your settings. Simply log in again, click your name in the top right corner and then select “Product Choice.” From there, you can customize your account and add Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Pro or Go & Grow to your main menu tab.


3. How can I withdraw from my Go & Grow account?

You can easily liquidate your Go & Grow growth account with minimal effort. First, click on the settings icon on your Go & Grow account and choose “Withdraw” – insert the amount and confirm. The money will be transferred back to your main Bondora account.

From there, you can either withdraw to your bank account or, if you have activated Portfolio Manager/Portfolio Pro, they will start to invest this money for you right away.

4. Can I invest with Bondora as a company?

Of course – companies are welcome to invest with Bondora. To get started, create a normal Bondora account as a private person and verify the account by uploading your identification and registering your personal bank account.

The next step is to send us an email at with the company information (more info on exactly what’s needed below), and we’ll take care of the rest for you. After that, you can access your brand new company account via your personal account. For more information on this topic, click here.

5. I’ve stopped my automated reinvesting, but it seems that my money is still being invested – why is this happening?

If you’ve paused Portfolio Manager or Portfolio Pro, no new investment will be made.

If your money is still invested, please check if you have any of the products still active (i.e. another portfolio with Portfolio Pro, Portfolio Manager, a 3rd party application for investing via our API or if you have enabled the Go & Grow auto-transfer feature).

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