The Top 5 Questions from Investors in February – Answered by Kairi

Kairi joined Bondora five years ago when there were fewer than ten people in the company. Starting as an assistant, Kairi has worked across several departments within Bondora and—as a result—knows the business inside and out. She’s now leading our Associate’s team and strives to give first-class customer service to all of our investors.

The top 5 questions from investors in December - Answered by Kairi

1. For which type of investors is Bondora suitable?

While “one size fits all” certainly doesn’t apply to investing, we’ve created a range of products so “one platform fits all”. On the passive end of the spectrum, investors can use Go & Grow and begin in just a few clicks. It’s a perfect way for anyone new to investing (or anyone who wants a reliable net return) to get started.

In comparison, technically-savvy investors are able to write their own program and connect to our API. You can then define your own filters which are not possible with our traditional services. You’ll need some technical skills with any common coding language to be able to do this. What’s more, we have Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Pro in between. My point is, no matter what you own personal strategy and experience is, you’re able to invest with Bondora.

2. Currently, you are offering loans to people in Estonia, Finland, and Spain. Are there plans in too to offer loans in other countries as well?

There’s a huge opportunity within these markets for us to serve customers in need of consumer credit but who are often put-off by long and offline application processes, as well as ancient credit scoring systems. We have no plans to enter any new markets, for now. However, we expect significant growth with Estonia, Finland, and Spain.

Bondora already has made records and for example, surpassed its origination total for the past month, bringing in over €9 million in loans during January.

3. Can I change from one product to another, i.e from Go & Grow to Portfolio Manager or Portfolio Pro?

Sure—you can easily switch between the products any time. PS! There’s no need to withdraw funds back to bank account.

As a first thing, please open your Go & Grow and disable auto-transfers, to avoid money being transferred back to your Go & Grow automatically.

Secondly, to withdraw from Go & Grow, once you are on your main view, you can select the “Withdraw” button there from the left main menu. To add money to your Bondora main account, so that other products (i.e Portfolio Manager, if it is activated) can start using the funds from there, simply choose “Bondora” as payment type, and one the 3rd step and choose the Go & Grow you would like to withdraw funds from.

We recently released this new version of the Go & Grow.

4. How can I change my personal details?

For changing your personal details such as phone number or e-mail address, simply login to your account and change the information from your settings page, by clicking on your name in the upper right corner. For other changes, i.e name change after marriage, please contact our Support writing from your registered e-mail address.

5. My withdrawal fails due to an unpaid invoice. Why is that?

You receive the message if there’s an invoice which is not yet settled. In most cases, it is 1€ withdrawal fee from your Go & Grow. Usually it is settled within a few minutes up to an hour – please try to initiate a new withdrawal after the time has passed. In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us—our team is more than happy to assist you in any way.

Still have any questions?

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