The top 5 questions from investors in November – Answered by Kairi

Kairi joined Bondora five years ago when there were fewer than ten people in the company. Starting as an assistant, Kairi has worked across several departments within Bondora and—as a result—knows the business inside and out. She’s now leading our Associate’s team and strives to give first-class customer service to all of our investors.

The top 5 questions from investors in October - Answered by Kairi

1. How can I add money to my Bondora user account?

You can find several payment options from your account “Add money” section and choose the one which suits you best. You can send money to your account via a regular bank transfer (SEPA) or from your VISA/MasterCard for instant payments. Additionally, we accept payments via trusted service providers like Trustly and SOFORT (if available in your country and supported by your bank) and TransferWise, which is good for your cross-currency transactions.

Please remember to include your Bondora reference number (1234567 John Smith) in the payment description, so the transfer can easily be identified and matched with your account.

2. I couldn’t find a list of loans to invest in as it is with other platforms. Where can I find loans to invest in? Is it possible to choose and invest in loans manually?

Investing with Bondora is comfortable and automatic, meaning there’s no need for you to manually select loans to build your portfolio. This being said, we provide three different services: Go & Grow, Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Pro, where with the last two you can invest into loans directly.

Our advanced tech has created an environment where almost all loans are funded at light -speed, even less than a minute. As the speed of our popular automated services allow borrowers and investors to start benefitting almost immediately, there’s little reason to hold loans open any longer to support the (not-so-popular) manual investing option, as doing so would create unnecessary delays for both parties.

3. I’ve withdrawn some money from my Go & Grow growth account, but it still shows that there’s nothing available to withdraw to my bank account from the “Withdraw” section – why is that?

You can suspend your auto-transfers at any time by clicking on the option below your account, as shown in the image below:

Auto-transfers are suspended

We have explained the general process of how you can withdraw from Go & Grow in the August article: The top 5 questions from investors in August – Answered by Kairi

4. Hi! I find P2P concept really fascinating, and I would really like to take part of the European community as well. However, I don’t live in Europe any longer – can I still invest with you?

Bondora can accept investors over the age of 18 from EU member countries, in general. If you reside outside of the EU, you can become Bondora investor only if you have a bank account registered within the EU which you use for investing with us, or you reside in any of the countries which comply with the EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive, and you are an Accredited Investor.

In the latter case, please contact our support by writing at and our experienced support associates will provide you with more details about joining us.

5. I’ve set my Portfolio Pro in a way so that it doesn’t invest in credits with a rating of “F” and “HR” but even so multiple credits with these Ratings have been added to my portfolio. Do you have any idea how this can be and how it can be fixed?

In such a case, it’s highly likely that your Portfolio Manager is still running.

Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Pro are two different products to choose from – the first one is almost fully automated and can invest in all loan Ratings – at the same time, you can set the level of risk you’re willing to take. On the other hand, Portfolio Pro allows you to configure additional criteria such as loan rating, duration, and country.

Here’s a brief video overview of the differences between these two products (Portfolio Pro and Portfolio Manager).

We recommend that you have only one product active per time, so you don’t have any conflicting strategies. You can switch off the Portfolio Manager from its page on your account (from the left main menu).

Still have any questions? Reach out to me today at

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