🙋🏾‍♂️Your Top 5 Questions in September – Answered!

Hi there, I’m Temiloluwa from Bondora’s Investor Relations team. Every month, we round up all the most-asked questions we received from investors in one blog post. You can find all the answers to these top questions right here. It’s just another way we provide first-class customer service. Let’s go through the top 5 questions we received from our investors this month:

Temiloluwa joined Bondora in 2016 as part of the Investor Relations team. Now he leads this group of dedicated Associates.
Temiloluwa joined Bondora in 2016 as part of the Investor Relations team. Now he leads this group of dedicated Associates.

1. Account verification: “What identity documents does Bondora accept for verification?”

We can accept one of the following 3 documents: ID cards (including temporary and permanent residence permits), passports, and driver’s licenses. Unfortunately, we cannot verify any documents not mentioned, such as visas or military-issued ID documents.

Read more about how to verify your identity to complete your account verification and start growing your money online!

2. App: “I noticed that a new Bondora app is available on Google Play/App Store. I downloaded the app, but received a message that it is not available to me. Why can’t I use it?”

Version 1.1 is currently only available to investors with one Go & Grow account and no active investments with other Bondora products. So, if you aren’t a part of this segment, unfortunately, you can’t use the app just yet. But don’t worry! Our development team is still working on making the app even better and available to everyone. The current version is just a sneak peek of more to come 😉

3. Lending: “When will originations resume in Spain?”

In early 2020, we decided to scale back and temporarily suspend loan originations in Finland and Spain due to the state of the global economy. Well, we’re happy to announce that Spanish loans are back as of 15 September! We know that it’s been a long wait, and we appreciate your patience. We are slowly increasing originations, but you can expect to see more Spanish loans available over the next coming months.

4. Account verification: “I made a payment using a remittance service, and money was added to my account. Why isn’t my bank account verified yet?”

If you send money via a remittance service such as Wise or Revolut, your personal bank details are not forwarded to us by the service provider.

To verify your bank account, you must make a regular bank transfer (SEPA payment) in any amount (i.e., 0,01€) directly from your personal bank account to Bondora.

Click on the bold text to learn more about how to verify your bank account.

5. Go & Grow: “My last payment exceeded the Go & Grow monthly payment limit. However, it’s a new calendar month, and the money in my Wallet didn’t automatically transfer to Go & Grow. What’s wrong?”

If you add more than the Go & Grow monthly limit, the money exceeding €400 will be added to your Bondora Wallet. The Go & Grow Auto-transfer feature must be enabled for the money to be automatically invested on the 1st day of the following calendar month. Otherwise, the money will remain in your Wallet until the feature is activated.

Find out more on how to enable the Go & Grow Auto-transfer feature.

And that’s it for this month! We hope we’ve answered all your questions. If you have other Bondora questions, you can easily find the answers on our online support site.

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