Toss a Coin to This Witcher – Meet Aleksandra, Our 29th Superhero

The new year has begun, and what better way to ease into it than getting cozy, grabbing a hot beverage, and reading our latest blog post? Bondora loves remote work, and we welcome Superheroes from all over the globe to our multinational, cross-cultural team. Our latest Superhero joins us from Cracow, Poland. We are pleased to introduce our 29th Developer Superhero – meet Aleksandra Brys!

Meet Aleksandra, our 29th Bondora Superhero
Meet Aleksandra, our 29th Bondora Superhero

Bondora Superhero #29 — Aleksandra Brys

👧Bondorian since January 2022

🖥️Role: Full-stack developer

💸 Team: Dev: Spend

Aleksandra´s journey at Bondora:

In 2021, I was hired by a Polish company called Vimanet. After a few months, Vimanet started to work with Bondora, and I got assigned to help with the platform’s development.

Aleksandra’s typical workday

I wake up, shower, and if the weather is nice, I head out to the office in Cracow. Otherwise, I stay at home and work remotely.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

To see the growing number of loan applications and to know that it’s getting easier for users to apply for a loan.

And what makes being a developer at Bondora awesome?

Working on such a big project with a diverse team is awesome. Also, the hoodies are great! 😊

How did you find your way into the world of programming? What has the experience been like so far?

I find math fun and always liked it, but envisioning studying Applied Maths didn’t seem like a thing for me. So, instead, I chose the following field of study that was closely related to it: programming.

During my studies, I started working part-time for Nokia. It was hard to manage both studies and work, mainly because it was pre-COVID and remote work was not so popular, so I spent most of my day in the tram 🚋 going back and forth between the two.

Best meme that sums up being a developer?

This meme sums up the knowledge of my family about what I am doing in my job ☺️

Best meme that sums up being a developer
Best meme that sums up being a developer.

I can’t start programming before I …’

I can’t start programming before I have a coffee ☕. I know it might sound cliché, but it kick-starts my day. I do not recommend talking to me before I’ve had my morning coffee. Even my husband doesn’t try that 😀

What programming language is your favorite and why?

Since my first job as a developer, I’ve been programming in C#, so it has to be my favorite. During my studies, I had the pleasure of programming in plain C, C++, Python, and Java, but they didn’t click the way C# did. For front-end development, there is not much to choose from, so I guess I must say JS ☺️

What is your best investment advice?

Do not buy another pair of unnecessary shoes 👠 👠

Best cybersecurity/IT tip?

Don’t use your date of birth as your password ☺️

Aleksandra's life's motto is simple: 'Don't let people convince you that you are sleeping too much.'
Aleksandra’s life’s motto is simple: ‘Don’t let people convince you that you are sleeping too much.’

And now, let’s get to know Aleksandra even better!

What are some of your hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?

During winter, I like ice skating and winter swimming, but that does probably not impress Estonians ☺️

In the summer, I love cycling 🚴‍♀️, doing jigsaw puzzles 🧩 or playing board games 🎲

What are your favorite games to play?

Definitely board games, but I completed the whole The Witcher trilogy on PC.

Which game have you clocked the most hours with on Steam?

The Witcher 3.

Bacon: yay or nay? 

I’m not a vegan, but I try to avoid meat if possible, so I must say NAY.

What’s your favorite TV show/podcast?

My all-time favorite show is Friends.

What’s your favorite kind of music (to listen to while programming)?

My Spotify Wrapped said it is Pop and Polish Hip-Hop, but I like most music.

Do you have any pets?

I currently have no pets, but my parents have two dogs I like to play with when I visit them.

One is a 2-year-old Labrador called ‘Boris.’ The other one is called ‘Pluto,’ and he’s a mixed breed with short legs who likes to run away from home.

Here’s a picture of Boris looking through the window: ‘May I interrupt you? Do you have something to eat?’

'May I interrupt you? Do you have something to eat?'
‘May I interrupt you? Do you have something to eat?’

What superpower would you like to have and why?

To be able to sleep with my eyes open, so I can pretend I am awake during boring meetings 👀

What’s something that you want to do but scares you?

I want to jump with a parachute, but I can’t even jump with a bungee. Maybe one day…

Thank you for the opportunity of presenting our lovely Aleksandra to you. May this year bring you joy, and remember always to toss a coin to your witcher.

If you are interested in becoming the next Bondora Superhero 🦸‍♀️ head over to our Careers Page to check out our open positions. Join us again next month to meet our 30th Bondora Superhero!

The views and opinions expressed in this article are that of the individual and not Bondora’s official view.

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