Total investment grows across all Bondora products in December

Bondora investment continued to see an upswing in December, ending 2020 on a positive note. Total investment on the Bondora platform came to €7,043,525 in December. It showed a growth rate of 7.8% month-over-month compared to November’s €6,531,141.

Bondora investments saw encouraging growth at the end of 2020.
Bondora investments saw encouraging growth at the end of 2020.

Go & Grow was up by 7.9% in the month to €6,543,775. But Portfolio Pro stole the show with a 45.5% jump to €187,375—the most significant increase in investment from November. Portfolio Manager (€310,575) was the only category to have its investment total fall compared to November.

Investment by product – December 2020
Investment by product – December 2020

Steady she goes

Even with a substantial increase in Portfolio Pro investments, December brought the same investment ratio by product type as November. Go & Grow continues to hold the overwhelming majority of investments (93%), followed by Portfolio Manager (5%) and Portfolio Pro (2%). API continues to comprise a nominal 0.01% of all Bondora investments.

Investment by product chart – November 2020
Investment by product chart – November 2020

Investment by product chart – December 2020
Investment by product chart – December 2020

Planning for a new year

As we begin in 2021, it is the perfect time to start thinking about your investment strategy. Bondora’s Go & Grow, with its hassle-free investment strategy, is a great place to start. To get a sense of how your Go & Grow investment could pan out over the coming year and beyond, use the Go & Grow forecast tool on your Bondora account.

To access the tool, navigate to the Go & Grow page on your account, and select Forecast. You can enter your starting investment, monthly contribution, and number of years you expect to invest. The result will display your investment growth over time and how you can expect your final balance to look at the end of your time horizon.

Bondora remains consistent while growing

The way Bondora investors allocated funds in December was not materially different than in November. Yet, overall, there was still a substantial 7.8% growth in total investment, up to €7,043,525 in total. Bondora continues to monitor the global economy and adjust its origination and product offerings as needed over the coming months. For the foreseeable future, it appears Go & Grow will keep the vast majority of investment on the Bondora platform.

Learn more about the different Bondora investment options here.

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