Track your earnings from investments with Net Interest Received chart

At Bondora we understand how important returns are to our investors. That’s why we’ve provided a simple and straightforward way for investors to see the total earnings and revenue from their investments with us.

Net Interest Received tracks your earnings per month

However, it’s important to understand what goes into this calculation. The calculation consists of the interest received less any unpaid principal scheduled for the month. This figure is important because it represents income from all receivables including recoveries from overdue and defaulted loans.

Investors must remember to look at this chart as a broad measurement. That is, principal amounts will be small in the early months of the loan and will increase as loans mature. Conversely, interest payments start large and decrease as the borrower pays off the loan. For this reason the net interest received is not predictive. Moreover, declining interest doesn’t signal a poor performing loan. This characteristic is common to lending.

Use this data to gauge the performance of your portfolio over the long-term. You can explore this statistic in your personal account aswell as on our general stats page for the whole Bondora portfolio.

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