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What is diversification and how does it work?

On Tuesday we looked at the concept of diversification. We discussed how data has shown that in periods of financial crisis correlations across traditional assets like stocks and bonds can rise. This phenomenon destabilizes asset allocation. The solution is to include alternative investments in a portfolio. Marketplace lending is one such example.

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Weekly industry news roundup – June 12, 2017

National Real Estate Investor posted an article asking if marketplace lending lending is safer than the stock market.
SeekingAlpha offered an insightful look into the explosive growth behind marketplace lending.
Peer-to-Peer Finance News discussed recent moves from Basset & Gold to offer investors a four-year marketplace lending bond.
Bloomberg Markets looked at a Quebec hedge fund which is aiming to outperform passive investing strategies by seeking more aggressive returns from non-traditional asset classes in the market.
Business Insider offered analytics examining the growth of alternative lending from 2014 to 2016.

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Bondora invest in Summer Facebook campaign

Earn a chance to win up to €300 from Bondora. All you have to do is to like us on Facebook, share Bondora’s “Invest in Summer” campaign post and sign-up for Bondora Investor account. Check out our post for more details.

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Most common online marketplace lending models in Europe

We took a closer look at direct online lending, marketplace lending and crowdfunding. Each model has unique characteristics. The best way for investors to choose which is right for them, is to consider their risk tolerance and their goal return rates.

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