Updates to Bondora data features

We are currently updating all data features across our different channels: API, Data Export and web. The updates will consolidate all our different data sources and thereby make the exact same data and information available to each investor regardless of the channel they use.

Today there are differences in available data points as well as the definitions behind different data points with similar labels. These differences are due to having our technology built over 7 years. Therefore we need to consolidate the data sources through a new technology that will allow us to resolve all data conflicts and discrepancies. Shortly it will be very easy to navigate in the vast sets of information Bondora makes available.

Unfortunately due to technical constraints we are not able to release all changes at once and we need to make adjustments gradually. Some of the updates have already been implemented whilst the rest is expected to complete during August.

You can keep track of the changes through our data map available on the Public Reports page. This map shows which data points are available through which channels, the label in Data Export as well as the description. We have also included the previous label if there has been a change (highlighted in italic). Descriptions of removed data points are all set to [OBSOLETE].

Cells marked in green indicate that this data point is already available in the particular channel whilst yellow means that it’s going to be released shortly. Most white calls will soon also be colored green. This is unless the particular data point is not available at the time of the data source in question is polled (e.g. it is not possible to show loans active late category when it is still on the Primary Market).

Please note that there might still be label changes in Data Export to harmonize it with labels used in the API. Thereafter the labels in the API and Data Export will match. All used labels, including the label in our web user interface, will be made available through the legend to make cross-referencing easier.

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