Video: Benefits of using the Portfolio Manager

How much time do you spend on your personal finances? Currently 71,34% of bids on Bondora are made through the Portfolio Manager. Automated investment tools help to keep you organized and reduce your time spent throughout the whole investing process.

There are many advantages to investing with our Portfolio Manager. In this video we are exploring these benefits in detail.

The Portfolio Manager is like your personal investment manager – it invests in loans that help you reach your desired risk-return level fastest and makes sure your cash never sits idle.

The Portfolio Manager provides priority access to loans with minimum amount of manual work. Select your strategy and start off. If you feel like upgrading your experience, you are able to set your bid size to any amount as long as it is divisible by 5 or save a certain amount of money on your account as available funds.

It is well known that diversification is the most important component for helping to reach your financial goals while minimizing your risk. The Portfolio Manager takes into account your portfolio size and adjusts the bid size after every 200 investments.

Automatic risk balancing keeps your portfolio in shape – based on the changes it will continuously adapt its future investments to provide you with a portfolio level risk-return that matches your selected level. Lower risk loans are always preferred over higher risk loans.

After introducing the new Portfolio Manager in October last year, we have received positive feedback from our investors:

“Bondora Portfolio Manager is very easy to set up which is ideal when starting without much experience in loan investments.” – Tobias Mende

“Bondora offers a much more simple way of investing than platforms in my own country.” – Kolja Barghoorn


Use our Portfolio Manager to automate your investment process. TO SET IT UP navigate to Dashboard, choose your preferred strategy and click Activate Portfolio Manager.

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