VIDEO: Bondora 💚 kood/Jõhvi

💚💙Exciting news! We hosted our very first workshop for kood/Jõhvi students. They got the fantastic opportunity to create real-life solutions in teams with the support of Bondora mentors 😎 They also got to practice their pitching skills and compete for the winning title. Read on to see what the workshop was about and a short video that captured the fun.

Bondora 💚 kood/Jõhvi
Bondora 💚 kood/Jõhvi

We’re a proud partner of kood/Jõhvi and had the best hackathon workshop to support them and their students:

The workshop had 21 participants working in teams of 5. Each team had a mentor from our side supporting them. They were Stefan, Kalle, Tanel Laud, Tarmo Tali (who came up with the workshop’s idea), Stanslilav Mõskovski, Tormi Mustkikas. Kalle gave an intro speech with slides.

There were snacks and drinks, lunch, and pizzas for the networking event after the workshop. Our mentors didn’t want to leave, as they had such thought-provoking conversations and world-changing ideas 🦄

Workshop topic: ‘Subscription Spending Insights: Leveraging Open Banking APIs’

This was the brief for this hackathon workshop: Let’s use Open Banking APIs to detect subscription spending.

The APIs provide a secure way to access transaction data from a user’s bank account. By identifying transactions that occur at regular intervals, subscription payments can be detected and analyzed to provide insights into a user’s spending habits. The information can help users better manage their subscriptions.

We used Nordigen as the AISP and provided anonymized data in case no suitable bank statement providers were available.

Once this briefing was done, each team got together to come up with the best solution.

After pitching their ideas, our mentors chose the winners

After pitching their ideas, our mentors chose the winners

🏆 Huge congrats to our winning team, Terminal! The prize was €1,000, which was divided between the five members. All in all, the participating students and Bondora superheroes had a great time and are already planning the next hackathon workshop.

We support future tech superstars

As a proud partner of kood/Jõhvi coding school, we’re committed to supporting the next generation of tech superstars and potential future Bondorians🚀 We encourage everyone to learn to program and hope some students will become future Bondora Superheroes.

With over 40% of our people working in data and engineering roles, we’re committed to encouraging everyone to learn to program. We especially encourage girls to program – kood/Jõhvi has 50% of women. And 45% of all Bondora superheroes are women.

Kalle Volkov, our CIO, led this interactive workshop with the kood/Jõhvi programming students.

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