Video: Overview of the new bidding process

We are very happy to bring you our second Youtube video from the series that focus on Bondora new features. Just recently, the grant of the credit provider licence from the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (FSA) brought along some changes in the product.

One change that came together with the license was the new bidding process on the Primary Market. This means that investor capital will not be locked up until sale is made – bids to buy different claims are non-binding and can be withdrawn at any time until the closing of the transaction.

We see that this feature is something that benefits both – the investors who invest automatically and the ones who cherry pick their auctions.

What questions will be answered in the video?

1. How does the new bidding process work?
2. Why does the auction funding go over 100%? Is it a bug in the product?
3. How can I cancel my offer?
4. How can I see the amount of my pending offers on the Primary Market?

We encourage you to leave your feedback in the comments about the features you want us to cover in our upcoming videos.


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