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Managing risk with filtered investments view

Yesterday we discussed how users can manage their investments using the filtering feature. Those with capital spread over numerous loans can filter loans based on a particular metric. This provides a consolidated review of loans that may be past due. This is an important feature for those who need to isolate the more sensitive investments from a diverse group and for example get a quick view of accrued interest and late charges.

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Weekly industry news roundup – October 31, 2016

We looked at a Bloomberg report that had encouraging news about the health of some P2P lenders despite concerns about Brexit. The momentum of marketplace lending appears able to withstand the financial stress associated recession concerns amid the UK’s Brexit vote. Also, The Financial Times published an article on peer-to-peer lending, stating that the asset class has seen a total return over 3 of 15.86 percent.

Bondora was mentioned last week on P2P-Banking blog post about our plans to open our European office in Berlin instead of London. SMN Weekly discussed our announcement to spilt the interface into two entities, one for the investor, the other for the borrower.

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Upcoming developments to optimize the investor experience

For the past months we have been working on splitting the business and product into two separate parts. One business is designed to serve the investor exclusively. The other serves only the borrower. Our goal is to improve the performance, stability and development speed of the investor product.

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Understanding the detailed borrower and loan data on Bondora

We provided a brief overview of the borrower and loan data in the “Investments” and “Secondary Market” pages and how to use this information to better understand your investments. We offer plenty of information to help the investor understand who they’re lending to and the risk profile of the borrower.

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