VIDEO: Weekly summary from Bondora – August 2016


Monthly origination summary – July 2016

July was a record month at Bondora with a total of €2,289,230 of loans issued. The record came despite a slightly lower value of processed loan applications at €35,551,410. €5,269,680 of loans applications were made available in the peer-to-peer lending platform with the growth compared to June driven by improvements to funnel conversion rates (from 12.7% in June vs. 14.8 in July).

Weekly industry news round-up

The week of 25th of July was awfully quiet in our industry. The biggest news came once again from the US where Bloomberg wrote about Prosper’s plans to launch their proprietary investment fund focused solely on the peer-to-peer lending assets Prosper originates. Meanwhile Huffington Post and Financial Planner wrote about trends created by financial technology companies.

Major update to Portfolio Manager and Dashboard

In the upcoming weeks we are planning some major updates to our Portfolio Manager and Dashboard:

  1. Investment size calculation tailored to meet your targets
  2. Advanced settings that let you over-ride each individual variable in our investment size formula
  3. Option to split your investment into multiple smaller bids to make it more liquid
  4. Better control through more granular risk-return strategy options
  5. Expected portfolio distribution charts include existing loans to improve estimates
  6. More inventory as Portfolio Manager will be also buying from the Secondary Market
  7. Faster liquidity with one-click sell button
  8. Easy to use simulation that lets you calculate net returns the way you think is right
  9. Transferwise withdrawals made easy through the Dashboard

Audit function and internal financial reporting

We are continuing our article series on governance and risk management at Bondora. Earlier we have discussed our high level governance model, Management Board structure as well as the background of our Supervisory Board members. This time we take a closer look at our audit function.

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