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Loan funding per channel on Bondora

On Tuesday, we looked at how our investors invest on Bondora platform. In summarize, an overwhelming percentage, 82%, of investments are made using our Portfolio Manager. Share of manual investments has decreased down to 11% and investments through Bondora API have been steadily around 6%.

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Weekly industry news roundup

Our industry news post looked some of the activity from LendIt Europe in London, new restrictions from the Chinese government, as well as news from Lending Club and one more US based lender.

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Statistics reports: Your annualized net return on investment

In this post we look at the private statistics page and explain a little bit closer one the most important metrics for the investor – the net return on investment.

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Active and passive investing with Bondora

We looked at the differences between active and passive investing and how Bondora is able to successfully cover the needs for both approaches with Bondora API and Portfolio Manager tool.

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