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Over the last week we’ve seen some good activity on our blog.

Higher Returns with our New Loan Pricing Structure

We go over the upcoming changes to our loan pricing structure which will now reward more those investors who invest into higher risk loans. In the new loan pricing, we will slightly decrease the expected returns on the lower risk segments (AA,A,B,C) but remarkably increase the potential payout from our high-risk HR product, where the expected return will be raised by 12.3% to the level of 32.5% over the coming weeks.

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Weekly industry news roundup

Our weekly industry news went into reports related to Europe’s first securitization of unsecured consumer loans originated online, commentary on the impact of the new regulatory environment for China’s many p2p lenders, a study claiming that more and more banks are starting to view fintech companies as more than just collaboration partners and reports about how major banks have teamed up to launch a new blockchain network on distributed financial technology. Also discussed is the upcoming LendIt Europe conference in London in October.

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Earn hundreds of euros by referring your friends to Bondora

We announced a Refer-A-Friend offer for all our investors allowing them to earn extra income by spreading the word about Bondora.

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