VIDEO: Weekly summary – February 1, 2017


Using the account statement report

We discussed how investors can generate a date specific transaction history of their Bondora account. The detailed report shows all inflows and outflows to the account. The data enables account holders to audit and measure the impact of their investments, principal payments and interest repayments.

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Weekly industry news roundup – January 30, 2017

Reuters discussed moves by traditional banks to enter the peer-to-peer investing world. Altficredit reviewed LendingRobot, a service designed to help people invest in marketplace lending. YahooFinance explored the rise of P2P lending in China. Fox Business published an article which examines CitiGroup’s recent move into small business marketplace lending.
Finally, The Jakarta Post examined the use of multiple data points to determine the creditworthiness of borrowers.

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Bondora portfolio performance – January 2017

We provided our regular monthly portfolio performance overview. The total average realised net returns across all countries was 17,02%, exceeding the targeted figure by 98 basis points. Estonia outperformed its targeted figure in every rating in. Since Q1 of 2015, the average realised net returns for Estonia is 20%, for Finland 15,40% and for Spain 12,54%.

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Why are there irregularities in the cash flow payments?

In the Cash Flow page, investors may sometimes notice that the received payments exceed the planned payments and other times, the received payments fall below the planned amount. In most cases the differences are due to failed or late payments on the part of the borrower. In this post we explain the most common reasons for these irregularities.

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