VIDEO: Weekly summary – February 15, 2017


Bondora Capital is searching for Head of Investor Relations

Yesterday we announced that we have a position open for Head of Investor Relations. As we continue to grow our retail base of more than 20,000 investors across 40 countries, we need someone who is able to communicate with our investors. We’re looking for someone with strong communication skills and an understanding of the marketplace lending world. Please send your CV and cover letter to:

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Weekly industry news roundup – February 13, 2017

Forbes published an article examining what a possible Dodd-Frank rollback could mean for marketplace lenders.
Fortune posted an article about Accenture’s move into the business of blockchain software technology.
Business Insider discussed a venture called MarketInvoice designed to provide businesses easy access to loans.
Crowdfund Insider released a piece titled, “The Potential of ‘Crowdlending,’” discussing the need for traditional banks to stay competitive amid the rise of P2P lending.
Fast Company wrote an article exploring the use of proprietary underwriting scores in lieu of the more traditional FICO number.

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Why you need marketplace lending to diversify your asset classes

We took a closer look at the importance of an asset allocation strategy. Invest have long relied on just the two asset classes of stocks and bonds to diversify holdings. However, we reviewed why a rise in domestic and equity correlations and stock/bond correlations hinders risk management. ALternative investments lik marketplace lending help expand your asset classes.

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Upcoming improvements and changes to the statistics pages

On Thursday of last week we reviewed some changes designed to make our statistics more user friendly. These adjustments allow investors to customize their settings. Additionally, users can view multiple pie charts at the same time to get a more holistic overview of their investment performance.

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