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This week we are excited to launch another new feature that improves our weekly summary. Each week we will be sharing a summary video that talks through the main topics covered on our blog over the past week. Please let us know at if you would like us to talk about anything in particular not yet covered.


Overview of Bondora’s Management Board

  • We have now developed and implemented the reporting system to reflect the write-off amounts for each payment and claim in our collection and recovery process. This way investors can see both gross and net payments. Until today it was only possible to see the net payments and gross claims as write-offs were handled outside the system.
  • Write-off is any amount deducted from gross cash flow received in respect of delinquent loans or reductions of principal and secondary claims (interest, penalties). Write-offs are applied to the gross cash flow received from the debtor or the gross claim calculated by the system. This reduction of cash flow is already projected in the loan interest rates and therefore expected returns via lower recovery rate assumptions. Expected recovery rate has been calculated on net, not gross cash expected to be received.
  • Write-off means that the amount expected to be received from the debtor is reduced and the debtor is not requested to repay this amount. It does not typically mean a loss in itself as the respective debtors make payments often in excess of the capital invested. Cases that go through formal bankruptcy proceedings are exceptions to this.

Weekly industry news round-up

Our investors have continuously been interested in the topic of Bondora’s collection and recovery. So in the following post we decided to give you more details about our current setup of servicing, collection and recovery and also what to expect in the near future.

About Bondora’s servicing, collection and recovery process

Last week we saw a number of positive signs for the industry coming from the US. LendingClub seems to have sorted out its troubles with Jefferies Group and Moody’s has removed warning’s from Citigroup Inc. securitization of Prosper loans. Peer-to-peer lending is also getting more coverage in traditional financial press in the UK with multiple articles in Financial Times and City A.M. This week we have also included a section with mentions of Bondora.

Reporting of collection and recovery write-offs

Last week we started sharing detailed information on how Bondora is managed and operated. We promised that over the coming months we’ll go in-depth across all areas relevant for our investors. Today we are looking at Bondora’s management structure, specifically the Management Board.

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