VIDEO: Weekly summary – January 11, 2017

Our German readers can check out the German version of our weekly video summary.


Bondora customer support now also in German

In yesterdays’ post we informed our readers about the changes in Bondora customer support. Namely, you can now get customer support in German language aswell.

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Weekly industry news roundup – January 9, 2017

ValueWalk looked at how data-driven analytic firms like PeerIQ and DV01 will become more prominent as potential lenders and borrowers seek more information in the world of marketplace lending.
Forbes discussed the emerging tech trends in P2P.
Crowdfund Insider discussed The SEC’s acknowledged of online lending in their review of credit rating agencies.
RegBlog reviewed emerging regulatory framework for the FinTech industry.
Business Insider published a piece on newly drafted regulations for the marketplace lending industry in Indonesia.
Finally, TechBullion mentioned Bondora in their article, “10 Popular FinTech Companies in Estonia.”

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Send Refer-A-Friend email invitations straight from investor Dashboard

Many users have already discovered the value of the Refer-A-Friend program which paid an average bonus of €168 to users. In this post we provided an overview of how you can use get started inviting friends and family to join Bondora right from the dashboard. The three-step process is easy and allows you to invite more than six people.

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Monthly origination summary for December 2016

In our final origination summary of the year we had plenty of good news to share. We reached a total of €3,236,780 originations. Estonia captured 50.08% of the total originations followed by Finland at 30.57% and Spain at 19.35%. Loans with a risk rating in the “C” to “D” range brought in the largest proportion of originations. However, the comparatively less risky “AA” “A” and “B” loans delivered a respectable average return of 12.10%.

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