VIDEO: Weekly summary – March 15, 2017


Four ways to create an investing plan that works

We offered some useful insights on how new investors can get in the game. Building a plan around automation, diversification, cost control, and discipline can create success over a lifetime of investing. While there are many popular strategies to growing wealth, the one that works best is based in just a few simple rules.

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Weekly industry news roundup – March 13, 2017

Yahoo Finance posted an article discussing the growing membership of the Marketplace Lending Association.
PYMNTS published an article announcing the introduction of blockchain technology into marketplace lending.
Forbes generated a piece discussing how “In 10 short years, P2P lending has facilitated over $35 billion of loans in the US.”
CIO offered a brief review of how marketplace lenders are continuing to influence the future plans of conventional banks.
Gadget discussed the emergence of P2P firms in countries like Africa.

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Why more millennials are looking beyond stocks and bonds when investing

We took a longer look at how a younger generation of investors are embracing more asset classes to deliver better returns with managed risk. Accessibility, transparency, and growth are the three key reasons why new investors are seeking marketplace lending as a way to round out their portfolio.

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Monthly origination summary for February 2017

On Thursday we brought you our regular review of origination totals by country and loan rating. Originations for the month of February dipped since last month as our total reached €2,460,575. Generally, investors seeking a balance between risk and reward focused on B and C rated loans representing the two most popular choices as measured by proportion across all countries at 18.97% and 22.23% respectively.

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