VIDEO: Weekly summary – November 30, 2016


Statistic reports: Investment statistics by criteria

Yesterday we took a closer look at the investments by criteria feature on the personal statistics page. Users can get a visual of their portfolio using the five metrics of loan status, loan purpose, loan rating, country and bid size. This graphical representation allows users to quickly see the composition of their holdings to better manage risk and return.

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Weekly industry news roundup – November 28, 2016

In our regular industry news roundup we looked at a new event called “Startupbootcamp” which aims to help emerging FinTech businesses many of which are marketplace lenders. Forbes reported that between 2010 to 2016, investments in the Fintech jumped from $1.8 Billion to $5.2 billion in the first quarter of 2016 alone. Other news sources wrote about the trend of borrowers choosing P2P models over traditional banks. P2P Lending Experiences and both cited Bondora as a key player in the emerging marketplace lending world.

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Bondora portfolio performance – November 2016

In our monthly portfolio performance report we shared that our realized net returns for Q2 exceeded four of the five previous quarters. Estonia and Finland outperformed their targets by 519 basis points and 376 basis points respectively. Some loans in each country experienced a decline in performance. However, since Q4 of 2015 the actual realized net return across portfolios has exceeded the targeted figure.

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Customizing cash flow projections with Forecast Settings

On Thursday of last week we looked at the forecast feature on the cash flow page. Investors can use this easy tool to predict cash flow from their investments. Users with a limited personal investment history can view cash flow forecasts based on the overall Bondora portfolio history. More established investors can choose to use their personal portfolio history for projections.

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