VIDEO: Weekly summary – November 9, 2016


Performance of recovery process – November 2016

Yesterday we reviewed the performance of our recovery program. The recovered amounts in Estonia are up slightly. While Spain and Slovakia declined they each yielded over 100% of principal recovered. Each country had a significant increase in recoveries compared to the previous quarter totals for 2016.

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Weekly industry news roundup – November 7, 2016

In our weekly industry news roundup we reviewed the stability of the P2P market in the UK despite lasting concerns over Brexit. We also looked at an article from P2P-Banking which mentioned Bondora’s increase of 78% in loan originations over the same period last year. The Irish Times discussed the country’s first peer-to-peer business while Business Insider reviewed the speed of development in marketplace lending. National Mortgage News discussed larger, traditional banks and their growing interest in the P2P world.

Business news site Äripäev mentioned Bondora’s doubling payroll fund in 2015 in an effort to build a strong development team.

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Forward looking return calculation

On Friday of last week we reviewed how investors can estimate yield to maturity using the “Net Return” feature on the dashboard. Users can project their return using the history of their portfolio. Or they can use the “overall Bondora portfolio” option if their investments have little history.

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Monthly origination summary for October 2016

Our monthly origination summary showed Finland experiencing a 24% growth over last month. Estonia continues to represent the largest proportion of originations at 63% of combined countries. Finland is poised for continued growth as their share increased from 15% last month to 20% in October. Spain originations came in at 16%.

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