Video: Where to find data for different reporting requirements

In our third video we are exploring reporting. We’ll show you how to generate reports in Expert Center, Cash Flow and in our Public Data Export pages. This is useful when you need to gather information about your investments or transactions for your accountant, personal use or for tax reporting as we don’t push data to 3rd parties. So, it’s always up to you to gather the right data and report it where necessary.

EXPERT CENTER provides different reports that you can download in excel and it’s mostly raw data that you can play around with. You can generate the following reports:

1. Investments list
2. Repayments
3. Planned Future Cash Flows
4. Second Market Archive
5. Monthly Overview
6. Account Statement
7. Income Report

CASH FLOW offers the convenient possibility to generate a .pdf file that shows your account statement at a glance for your chosen period. It applies for both monthly and daily view.

PUBLIC DATA EXPORT shows the health of our platform. In Bondora we have embraced open data in order to develop the first single marketplace connecting borrowers and lenders all across Europe through personal loans – this is a philosophy we have had since day one as is one of the foundations that Bondora is built on. The transaction ledger, including all loan applications, issued loans and payments is public and available to download for anyone in the public data export section. To see in more detail what kind of information you can find there just have a look at the Platform Dataset Legends.

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