Weekly industry news roundup


In India, The Economic Times discusses P2P lending as a fixed income generating investment with quotes from a couple platforms there.

Staying in India, The Business Standard reports that Indian P2P lender Faircent is entering the market of secured loans. Faircent is adding some potentially innovative loan products including loans on gold or on property. We are staying tuned to see what happens over there.

Crowdfund Insider is reporting a record high of loan originations by P2P lending platforms in China. The number is equivalent to $143 billion dollars. China is by far the largest P2P lending market.

In this article by Business to Business NZ peer lending is mentioned as a competitive force that European banks have to deal with or customers and investors will continue to lack confidence in the Euro banks ability to grow.

InsurTech is reported to be the next big thing by disrupting the insurance industry the same way fintech did to banking. With total assets of the insurance industry estimated at $8 trillion in the US alone, a number of new insurtech startups, like Lemonade and Metromile, are starting to pop up.


The SMN Weekly blog covered our monthly origination report from last week. The post from our blog on can be found here.

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