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Q3 P2P lending exceeded £700 million in Q3 according to the UK Peer to Peer Finance Association. This is an increase over the same number reported one year ago showing $658,000,000 in new lending. The P2PFA chair Christine Farnish remarked, “Data from the third quarter of 2016 highlight the strength of peer-to-peer lending.

P2P lending continues its international reach as seen by a recent report from The Korea Herald. Industry tracker Crowd Institute reported that P2P lending in South Korea reached $166 million in the third quarter of 2016. This is a significant increase over the first and second quarter of this year.

The Economic Times has reported, “P2P companies are in the process of forming an association with an aim to create a fair practice code within the industry players and grapple with ethical issues together.” This news further illustrates the process of legitimization that is enabling more borrowers and lenders to confidently engage in the P2P environment.

Forbes discussed the burgeoning growth of the P2P model remarking that, “Marketplace lending securitization volume has increased 86% compared to last year.” The author continues, “The data indicates the emergence of a group of increasingly sophisticated marketplace lending champions…the remaining champions have become increasingly potent long-term threats to traditional banks.” As the lending market grows more people are turning away from traditional banks.

Wall Street Journal has launched an article series covering the rise of passive investing throughout the industry. In the series you can find many articles exploring various the aspects of passive and active investing.


P2P-Banking and Crowdfund Insider posted articles covering our recent decision to remove Primary Market from our user interface.

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