Weekly industry news roundup – April 24, 2017

Around the world

Huffington Post published an article looking at the innovation that will propel the marketplace lending world forward. Some P2P firms are enabling mortgage seekers. Meanwhile, loans targeting the military, veterans and government contractors are entering the field. However, regulations are moving at a slower pace.


Crowdfund Insider discussed the role of good data in the world of fintech. As the scale of P2P lending increases there is more data than ever. The best fintech companies will put this information to use by verifying its accuracy and distilling where the value resides within the analytics.


Forbes reported on a recent survey citing that “Nine in 10 financial firms expect to lose revenue to fintechs with expected losses around 24%.” Pressure is mounting among traditional banks as fintechs like marketplace lenders start to engage a wider customer base seeking speed and affordability.


The Economic Times explored how marketplace lending is enabling the phenomenon of “digital inclusion” which occurs when P2P lenders generate loans for people commonly ignored by larger banks. This effect is empowering people regardless of their age, education, or social strata.


Financial Times Advisor discussed why financial advisors should consider P2P investments. The author argues that the higher rate of return for investors and fixed payment structure offers more stability than what many see in the equities market. Additionally, they argue that “each individual loan is direct and remains enforceable even if the platform fails.”

Bondora mentions

Roklen24 mentioned Bondora in a recent post explaining that “FinTech has the strongest position in the Baltic States’ technology sector.”

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