Weekly industry news roundup – January 16, 2017

Around the world

Yahoo Finance released an article explaining that The Marketplace Lending Association now has eleven new members. These companies will expand the legitimacy of the organization in Washington. The group was originally established to create a visible foundation for the capabilities and transparency of P2P lenders.

Crowdfund Insider In their ongoing effort to create a resource for P2P analytics the firm DV01 has announced a collaboration with credit reporting firm Experian. The end goal is to empower potential marketplace lending customers with actionable insights and data. This information will give users more confidence when choosing the right firm.

Forbes published an article outlining best practices for marketplace lending customers. The author cites some of the advantages of P2P lending explaining “loans have less volatility, a low correlation, and yield much higher returns compared to other fixed-yield investments. Median adjusted returns average 7% on a 36-month loan.” The author also reminds users that getting started is fast and inexpensive.

Forbes posted another article titled, “Why You Should Invest in Peer-To-Peer Loans in 2017.” The author underscores the fact that a P2P investment has a relatively low correlation with the stock market. This characteristic creates a nice hedge in a well-rounded portfolio.

Business Insider shared news of some changes at UK Bank Barclays designed to meet the needs of customers increasingly flocking to the marketplace lending world. The bank is attempting to accelerate the loan approval process as more users are interested in the speed available in the P2P world.

Bondora mentions

Our Estonian audience can read an article from Postimees about the government research on sharing economy in Estonia. According to the research, Bondora is the largest P2P platform operating in Estonia, followed by Airbnb and Booking.com.

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